When the calling upon your life gives you sleepless nights for so many years, you can either chose to become numb to it or get depressed, you can try and ignore it or you can sacrifice everything and take the risk towards living your dreams.

After much hardship and many detours trying to fit into ‘’normal life’’, we broke out risking all that we had and chose the latter. 

Our hearts burn with passion to impact the Film industry, to live out our God-given talents, be it in Film making, acting, working with children in art projects, creating global awareness about this planet, influencing through social media and promoting a healthy holistic organic lifestyle.  We strive to create a better world not only for us but for our childrens children! 

Less plastic =more turtles in the ocean…  

More LOVE = less children repeting the same patterns of abuse as their parents 

More LOVE = less crime 

More LOVE and hearts turned to God = less broken Families 

MORE LOVE = a better WORLD for generations to come 


We know that the movies we will create/produce in future will create not only great messages that will touch, motivate and inspire the hearts of nations but also, that they will bring in good profit. We only need enough to live and run the projects our hearts beat for. 

This profit will go to the following:

Creating educational projects in different countries for children and youth to unlock their talents in that giving them a safe haven and taking them away from the streets and crime.

Collective organic brand:  It has always been on our hearts to create a franchise that is 100 % ethical, meaning 100% organic food, clothing, household items, catering for all ages, (Newborn, Pregnant, young and old.) All our products will be linked with projects that have birthed out of YWAM or who are closely knit. We want to create jobs all over the world in native countries and tribes, supporting missionary work and making locals want to stay in their countries, holding onto their culture because they have enough resources to do so. They would sustain their culture and support their families by producing ethically correct, organic and handmade products for our franchise. This franchise or ours  would create jobs in urban locations all over the world, the consumers would consume consciously and therefore we would create global  awereness and help reduce the carbon footprint of many people in the towns and cities of our earth. Helping WWF is also something that is on our heart!


Since we both come from the Media and Health Industry & the Arts, we have seen how much one can impact the world through ball of these industries Spheres. This is why we want to produce and create movies that reach all age groups and cultures around the globe. We want to inspire and share Love through our stories. Our long-term goal is to be able to finance our own NGO projects as listed above, to buy land to utilize for retreats educating peopole from all over the world. We thrive to create a place of rest especially for burnt out families and people from all walks of life.



Now is just the very beginning! We would love to take you on this journey with us and would be thrilled if you come along.  

WE NEED YOUR HELP & SUPPORT, partner with us today and become a part of something world changing, something bigger than us, something bigger than you and me. HELP US HELP OTHERS.