Want to join us on our journey?


These cards represent the many words of encouragement and financial support that we have received over the past 9 months. Words from friends and family all over the world, words, scriptures, and prayers that ignited our hearts not to give up especially when times have been difficult.


1D87321C 08CC 4A4E BC67 0E53A07A6C30 300x200 - Become a Partner“you can move mountains”

714B5716 91A8 4A43 8B73 0EF6CCDEEDA2 300x200 - Become a Partner“be a realist ~plan a miracle/ dream”

We all know how important it is for Missionaries to have constant monthly support, be it support through their church paying them a salary, which we do not have, we have the moral and prayer support but because our church is young we are not sent out through them. But we are sent out through GoGlobal who is able to give anyone in Germany who donates to our project, a tax-return ( Spendenbescheinigung). Recently we are able to offer a tax-return through a financial donation in the UK as well.

As a family of six, we rely on those who feel lead or touched to become our monthly partners or those who sponsor us when we may need a bigger sum for studies, visa’s or to go on missions outreach.  We do not have any private sort of income nor can we claim child benefits due to our flexible contract. We are Missionaries but treated like freelancers, because we are not working in Europe as Missionaries but the US we are not eligible to German Kindergeld or English child benefits.  On this faith walk we have learned that God provides, that he is faithful and works through people.

You can contact us if you’d like to partner with us either using the contact form on our contact page  or email us at blumbergbooth@gmail.com


Why Partner with us? 

Through us, you will be able to reach the unreached and be a part of changing world history, together with us. 

You may think the following : 

There are so many other organizations and projects that I could donate my money to and also partner with. Yes, that´s right but you would be a key in our lives to help not only us but also others and on the long run, generations to come. 

 We will go where you cannot go, we will be your hands and feet.  And through that, you will be inspired by us to strive for your dreams. Partner with us and you won´t regret it. 

How will I know where my money is going and what it will be used for? We will be sending you a personal Newsletter when you Partner with us. You can also see how your finances will be invested by following us along on our journey via Instagram, Facebook, and our Blog. 

How much do I have to commit to monthly? You can already join us in partnership with a minimum amount of 5€ pm donating to the GoGlobal account in Germany. If you are in another country then you can either use PayPal or the UK account. Please contact us to let us know about your payment so nothing gets unnoticed. We would like to welcome every monthly partner personally.

If you want to donate a once off amount without us knowing then you can feel free to do this too.


We want you to follow us on our journey 

Even if you don´t feel lead to become a monthly financial supporter/partner please follow our journey, share our story with friends and family, feel free to share our website on your facebook. We would appreciate this! 

If you feel lead to it please pray for us and our travels, send us any words of encouragement or thoughts that you have, we love hearing from you. 

It would also be awesome if you would follow us on Instagram and facebook too. 


Here are the different options for you to financially support us: 

Spendenkonto – GoGlobal Deutschland ( mit Spendenbescheiningung )


Account in England with the option of  Tax- return