Meet the family

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“Live by example, Lead by example”

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Live your dreams don´t dream your life away…

We are The Blumberg- Booth Family or the Blumie’s (Bloomi’s)

We are Dale & Melissa, a modern-day international couple. Both of us are German by Nationality but born in South Africa with German and a quarter Polynesian on Mel’s side, and an English Scottish heritage on Dale’s side. We together created four amazing perfect human beings, that don’t just see a country, but the world as their home 🙂

Just a little average family of six 🙂 

We are a driven, passionate, adveturous, God loving young family with big dreams.  

In July 2018 we sold up most of our belongings and donated all the rest of what we had to charity, we said goodbye to family and dear friends to follow the calling that has stirred our heart since we were children. Adventure, living our dreams, making movies, writing books, encouraging people of all ages and cast, spreading LOVE… Gods LOVE…this is our mission. It has been the most difficult thing we have ever done, we’ve been more challenged than ever before but we have experienced God, friendship and partnership on a whole new level.

We stand for living life to the fullest, showing our children what it means to dream big in a holistic mindful godly way. Unlocking their talents while we grow into ours more and more every day. 

We don’t see ourselves as finished products, as adults and they are lesser than us, we are their teacher as much as they are ours. Together we are not just family but a strong dynamic team, a team that hears each other out and is lead by divine love.