Live by example, Lead by example”

These words have stuck with me from a young age, pushing me to change the way I think and treat people.

I want people of all ages, nations, and cast, to live out their talents, visions, and dreams. To have the opportunity, a place, and people to help them be all they can be without the restrictions of finances or transport. If we give especially children a solid foundation to exhale in their talents they will be an inspiration to others.

Imagine a child living out his/her passion and God given calling… That alone can change the world.

I grew up being very interested in TV and the reach it has. Being on TV and in movies fascinated me as a child to the extent of wanting to be in adverts. Having achieved that, combined with the experiences as a Stuntman and assistant cameraman I had on Film/TV set, gave me a new vision of how I want to change the world.

I realized that it’s not only for myself and my fame that I want to do what I love the most but it should impact something greater.

I have worked with the best in the industry and met truly inspirational actors, directors, and cast members that helped me open my eyes to the world. I will continue to better my skills and talents and create films that will change the world.

Here is a link to my last short film, written, Directed and produced by me: “Isolation” 

Now as a father of 4 extremely talented children, the calling is even greater to help and encourage those that need it the most.