Hello once again from Harpenden.

I (Dale) was away from Sunday mid-day to last night. Melissa held down the fort looking after all 4 kids and assisted with other kids here at the Ywam base. Where was I? Now that is a question that has an incredible story behind.

Myself and my fellow students were on an intense missions training camp that took us to our limits, tought us who we can be, helped us realize strengths and weaknesses, put us in very uncomfortable situations where had to trust our team mates, showed us through tasks what God is about and how we can be more like him.

The details are a secret, I hope everyone would get the opportunity to do this as it really brings out the best of who you are. I saw people overcome fears and difficult situations, despite language barriers, anxiety and personal restraints. For those that were with me, a huge job well done! You can all be very proud of yourselves. To Jake, the camp leader (if you ever get to read this), you are an inspiration. You have been put in a position of leadership to teach and help people and you my big bearded friend are a servant of the highest calibre. Thankyou.

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  1. Dear Dale and Melissa, just came accross your post to Annie on her wedding, and found this very exiting mission update. How great to experience God ln this way and fellow believers willing to learn and serve. Love from Hermanus in Western Cape South Africa

    1. Thankyou so much. It is only the beginning of great things to come 🙂

    2. Hello dear Celia! It’s fantastic to hear from you! So sorry that we totally missed your comment…we have been so busy that we have not payed as much attention to this blog as we should. Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! Many blessings Melissa & Dale with Kids

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